Energize your office with fresh fruit deliveries. Your staff will love it!

Providing fresh fruit is an easy way to energize your workplace. Multiple studies have shown that employees who are energized are more productive, focused, motivated, loyal, and they tend to have fewer sick days. Fresh fruit at work just makes sense. Our fruit boxes are packed with awesomeness such as apples, oranges, and bananas. Plus we include a variety of seasonal fruits throughout the year.

Serving Remote Staff

  • Send staff healthy fruits, vegetables & snacks
  • Support teams with FruitExperience tastings

Why get fruit for your office?

A few benefits of a weekly fruit delivery to your company:

  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Improves company image and reputation
  • Reduces absence

Why Choose Fruit Box?

Our aim is to provide a real taste experience above and beyond the supermarkets and traditional fruit sellers. We only focus on serving offices which ensures we provide our corporate customers with a high-quality service not typically associated with your average fruit retailer:

  • High-quality fruit with a seasonal mix backed up by our 100% quality guarantee
  • Hassle-free service
  • Freedom to choose the seasonal mix of fruit in your order

We make deliveries Monday to Friday in the New York area. The fruit is packaged and delivered in a wooden white box which is sure to impress both your employees and anyone visiting your office.