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Dried Turkish Apricots 1LB
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Dried Turkish Apricots 1LB

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For centuries, Turkey has been known for its apricots. Now, you can enjoy Turkish apricots anytime you like. Our organic Turkish dried apricots are more than just delicious. They’re also incredibly nutritious, packing immunity-boosting, heart-healthy flavor with every bite.

Turkish dried apricots are a delicious treat packed with a wholesome serving of nutrients. Nothing beats that tender texture and mouthwatering aroma when mixed into salads, cereal, pastries or a pre-workout smoothie. You can also buy raw dried apricots just for snacking, with their energy-rich serving giving you a nice boost to get you through the day. We're all about premium quality at Sincerely Nuts. And that's why we source these sugar free dried apricots all the way from Turkey, which is known as the premier apricot-growing region in the world. And once we've received the fruit, we carefully package it to preserve the flavor, aroma and wholesome nutrients; of which there are many! We're talking about immunity-boosting vitamins, digestion-friendly fiber, and heart-friendly antioxidants. 

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Dried Turkish Apricots 1LB